Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I go a walkin'...

Exercise for today:
1.25 mile walk outside.

It was way to gorgeous to not get outside!
Take advantage of the perfect weather to get out of the house.
What exercise did you do today?

Steak, salad (salsa for dressing), grilled veggies!

High protein meals are more filling. Remember a portion size for meat is 4 ounces!

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  1. you go girl!!!!!!!

  2. So glad you had walking weather. Too hot in south Texas to be outside, so I'm doing Wii Fit. need about 30 more minutes before bed.

  3. We went for two walks yesterday and hoping for another walk today. Keep it up!

  4. Hi Ash!Your blog looks awesome and I'm so excited about following along. You are off to an amazing start!! I swam a little yesterday and will run w/ a friend at 4 today. Not too excited about it since it's 97 degrees out! Ugh....but if we go slow...we can make it! Keep up the great work!!